Goals and Objectives

Summit Goals

To mitigate the spread of healthcare associated infections via environmental surfaces.


The summit will bring together science, technology, manufacturing, regulating agencies and government institutions to foster communication between all areas of expertise to:

  • Review existing and emerging research
  • Build a bridge of communication between all entities working to find solutions
  • Understand how the combination of surfaces support and are active in the spread of infection
  • Understand surface and disinfectant product compatibility
  • Understand human behavior that contributes to the spread of infection
  • Determine the comprehensive approach needed to reduce healthcare acquired infections

Once a clear understanding of all aspects of the spread of infection is understood, the following outcomes will be achieved:

  • Determine further research needs
  • Develop guidelines and best practices
  • Develop effective ways of communicating and working with: Infection
  • Prevention, Facilities Management, and Environmental Services to ultimately educate and advise Administration of critical needs
  • Recommend and support the development of new policy and policy changes, driven by evidence- based research
  • Research support
  • Create educational and training programs

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