The four “Initiative Workgroups” goals and objectives support the mission of the Healthcare Surfaces Summit

  1. Standards and Utilization
  2. Research
  3. Education
  4. Surface Disinfection/Compatibility

Each workgroup identifies specific projects that are carried out throughout the year, helping them reach initiative goals and objectives. Participants in each of the workgroups include: Manufacturing and Engineering expertise, Infection Prevention, Facilities Management, Environmental Services, Regulatory Agencies, Academia, Microbiologists, and Occupational Health.

Initiative Workgroup Missions

Standards and Utilization

MISSION: Implement evidence based best practices for surfaces, people, process and technology to assess and eliminate surface contamination and evaluate interventions designed to disrupt pathogen transmission.


MISSION: Prove the connection between surfaces and HAI’s infections in healthcare environments and accelerate the adoption of evidence based practices, innovation and interventions.


MISSION: Review, create, and disseminate critical information for healthcare stakeholders to reduce transmission of surface related pathogens.

Surface Disinfection/Compatibility

MISSION: Review, create and implement testing guidelines for surface disinfection incompatibility by evaluating disinfection process, products and design to understand the relationship between surface damage and microbial acquisition and transmission.



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