The 2018 Healthcare Surfaces Summit

When: August 21 & 22, 2018
Where: Bloomington, MN
Hilton Minneapolis/St Paul Airport, 3800 American Blvd East, Bloomington, MN 55425

The Healthcare Surfaces Summit is not a singular meeting, it is not a conference, and it is not a thing. It is the definition of ‘summit’ in its truest sense—an ongoing dialogue between and among professionals dedicated to reaching the highest peak of safety and quality in healthcare, related to preventing illness and infection associated with contaminated healthcare surfaces.
— Dr. Amber Hogan Mitchell, President/Executive Director, International Safety Center

HSS is a two-day healthcare focused think tank event where invited industry professionals collaborate together to examine, evaluate and understand all aspects of the prevention and spread of infectious bacteria via surfaces. At HSS, industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals, stakeholders from national and global organizations, researchers, industry experts, regulating agencies, facilities management and administration professionals share knowledge and insights to identify best practices, propose solutions and make policy change recommendations for implementation.

Also at the event, four Initiative Workgroups – Research, Standards & Utilization, Education, and Surface/Disinfection – report to the attendees on the progress they have made from the previous year toward their goals. Through this valuable work, significant and sustainable reduction in the spread of infections via surfaces within our healthcare facilities, and beyond, is being achieved.

2018 Healthcare Surfaces Summit Goals:

  • Review currently underway literature review and meta-analysis– This will identify research gaps and form the foundation for Summit work moving forward.

  • Discuss and move forward with the development of incubators
  • Support and collaboration on the development of surface selection criteria, infection protocol and the use of effective test methods for validation, consistent and in compliance with regulations

The Healthcare Surfaces Summit utilizes a think tank discussion format and all participants are part of the discussion and identification of projects for the year. Since the goal is to engage all areas of expertise, the size of the annual Summit is limited to selected sponsors and by invitation only. To inquire about receiving an invitation, please contact us.

The 2018 Healthcare Surfaces Summit will be held at the:

Hilton Minneapolis/St Paul Airport
3800 American Blvd East
Bloomington, MN 55425

Annual summit attendance is limited and therefore currently restricted to selected sponsors and by invitation only.

To inquire about receiving an invitation, please contact us: